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Free Mississippi Drug Card

(South Mississippi) – A program started 4 years ago is helping Mississippi residents save at the pharmacy.

The Mississippi Drug Card is a free program which helps state residents save money on their prescriptions.

Since the program's inception it has helped Mississippi residents save over $6 million! There are no enrolment requirements and everyone is eligible! Mississippi Drug Card is great for patients with no coverage and also for patients that need a non-covered drug or have a high-deductible insurance plan.

Patients can go to the website, www.mississippidrugcard.com and print a free card in less than a minute. The cards are pre-activated and ready to use. Anyone not able to print a card can simply visit and CVS, Fred's or Kmart pharmacy to have their prescription processed through the program. The card is accepted at all major pharmacies as well as most independents. We also have a cool new iPhone app, Free Rx iCard, that makes it even easier to save. Everyone should check us out on twitter and facebook as well! We have useful and fun new content daily!