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Mississippi Drug Card Continues to Net Savings Five Years After Inception

The Mississippi Drug Card marked a milestone Dec. 15 as it celebrated its fifth year of offering savings on prescription drugs. The same formula used to net $9 million in discounts for the state will continue to be plugged in for the program's continuing success.

"Although we've remained true to our grassroots approach through the years, we still try to evolve with the times. We've added a smart phone Free Rx iCard app. And we're available on Twitter and Facebook to connect with people and keep them more informed with our program," said program director Lila Cedotal.

The Mississippi Drug Card has recently partnered with the Mississippi Rural Health Association to create awareness and help every Mississippian obtain a discount drug card. Mississippi Drug Card continues to educate clinics, hospitals and doctors' offices throughout the state about the program.

The card is accepted at 56,000 regional and national pharmacies and there is no limit as to how many times it is used.

"There really is no reason why people shouldn't have one of these cards. Of course, they're great for people without insurance coverage, but it's also good for those with high deductibles or medications not covered with their plans,"Cedotal said.

With the onslaught of ObamaCare, Cedotal said the program will be mindful of new policies and help Mississippians the best as they can.

"We've heard so many stories throughout the years from individuals and families that we're the difference between how many times a week they can put meat on the table or how many medications they can afford. It's so fulfilling to know we're making a difference," Cedotal said. People can download a free card, search drug pricing and locate participating pharmacies by visiting www.mississippidrugcard.com. Residents with no internet access can visit any CVS/Pharmacy, Fred's or Kmart pharmacy locations and ask the pharmacist to process their prescription through the Mississippi Drug Card.