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Mississippi Drug Card continues to save residents on prescriptions

(Aberdeen) – With its fourth anniversary on Dec. 12, the Mississippi Drug Card program continues to strive to reach the masses by its guarantee to provide discounted prescriptions and less expensive medications. To date, it has saved Mississippians $6 million on medications.

"My main goal is to create awareness of the program. We're all well aware of the number of people in need during the down economy. We're trying to put this program in the hands of those in need especially," said Lila Cedotal, program director of the Mississippi Drug Card.

The Mississippi Drug Card is accepted at more than 50,000 pharmacies across the nation and has no limit as to how many times it is used. Through this Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act compliant program funded by pharmaceutical companies, people can receive as much as 75 percent off prescriptions.

It's useful for everyone, including those with high insurance deductibles and no health insurance. The program applies to almost all brand name and generic drugs.

"With flu season upon us, it's reassuring that the drug card can help save people money on Tamiflu, which isn't generally covered by most medical insurance. Several other medications such as those dealing with anxiety and behavioral issues are even covered with the card," Cedotal said.

To obtain the card, people can simply go to www.mississippidrugcard.com and fill out a query with their first and last name and the option email field.

CVS Pharmacy, K-Mart and Fred's are all preferred pharmacies that further benefit people by processing the information and filling the prescription on-site for those without Internet access.

In addition to the grassroots movement of making cards available at medical clinics and pharmacies across the state, the program has conformed more to the digital age in the past year to make itself more accessible to the public as well.

"We've got a Facebook page, a Twitter account and an iPhone app now to make people more familiar with the program and give them more information about prescription price comparisons and medical trends in addition to a chance to give us feedback. We also post other useful information like motivational quotes and healthy recipes," Cedotal said.

The iPhone app can be found by searching for Free Rx Card; it can be personalized for Mississippi.

"We've come a long way in these four years and I couldn't be happier with the progress. I want it to continue to grow and partner with organizations in Mississippi as well as further increase our efforts across the state," Cedotal said.